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Since 1981

Our History

Morgan Ohare, Inc. opened for business on December 7, 1981 in Addison, Illinois.  It was established by Gary & Elaine Williams and is named after Gary’s parents.  The company’s original mission was to zinc electroplate threaded fasteners.  By 1986, Morgan added heat treating to its capabilities’ lineup for clients.

Morgan Ohare was making a name for itself through customer service and addressing the quality requirements of its clients during its first decade.  Regrettably, Gary passed away unexpectedly in the late 1980s leaving Elaine to carry on and oversee business operations.

Elaine ran the business successfully with the help of her General Manager, Bob Giomi.  They added additional plating lines and heat-treating furnaces, to enlarge the business.   Elaine & Bob retired after many years of fulfilling Gary’s original mission of providing quality heat treating and zinc electroplating services to the fastener industry. 

Morgan Ohare has expanded its services and the industries serviced over the years.  Today, Morgan Ohare is a woman owned business providing heat treating, zinc electroplating and zinc nickel alloy plating to the fastener, spring, stamping and zinc die casting industries.

 Current owner, Joan Sosinski, is committed to providing quality heat treating and plating services to our customers.  We are proud to still be doing business with our very first customer.

In 2018, we built and installed a highly efficient zinc nickel alloy barrel plating line. This plating provides up to 1000 hours with no red corrosion when salt spray tested. Numerous plating processes offered by Morgan Ohare are now ZinKlad™ approved for use.

We started heat treating with a single retort furnace, eventually increasing to rotary retort systems. These furnaces have since been replaced by two continuous mesh belt heat treating lines.

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