Zinc/Nickel Electroplating

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Zinc/Nickel Alloy Barrel Electroplating (RoHS Compliant)

Our zinc/nickel alloy process provides 240+ hours of white corrosion and 1,000+ hours to red rust protection in a clear or black finish. Zinc/nickel alloy plating offers this without recess fill or concerns about premature corrosion failure.

Morgan Ohare is ISO 9001:2015 certified and features ISO17025 accredited test labs. In addition, Morgan Ohare can provide complete in-house testing and certifications.

CQI-11 available upon request.

ZinKlad® 1000

ZinKlad 1000® is the high performance coating for automotive applications. Hexavalent chromium-free with a deposit hardness above 500 HVN it is extensively used for brake callipers, fasteners
(including exterior and self-thread cutting) and fluid transfer tubes. Production proven for over 10 years, it delivers exceptional corrosion resistance coupled with consistent performance.

ZinKlad® 1000 B

ZinKlad® 1000 B the high performance black coating for automotive applications. Hexavalent chromium-free, with a deposit hardness above 500 HVN it is extensively used for exterior, interior, self-thread cutting fasteners and steel pressings. Production proven for over 10 years, it delivers an exceptional black appearance and corrosion resistance.

Zinc Electroplating Approvals / Licenses Include:

  • Delphi DX551200 approved
  • Ford S-437 approved
  • GMW3044 “N”, “G” and “X” approved
  • ZinKlad 96 and 250 applicator
  • JS500 applicator
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RoHS Compliant Plating (Hex-Free)

  • Black trivalent
  • High Corrosion Clear
  • TNT-12, TNT-15, TNT-18, TNT-22
  • Wax with U/V Tracer
  • Red, green, and blue dyes

In-House Testing

  • Torque/Tension Testing
  • X-Ray Plating Thickness
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Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

  • Two Continuous Bake Ovens

Hexavalent Finishes include (Zinc Electro Plating only):

  • Black chromate
  • Yellow dichromate
  • Olive drab
  • Red, green and blue dyes
  • Wax with U/V Tracer

Other Services

  • Heat Treating: Case Hardening & Neutral Hardening
  • 24 hour-a-day operation
  • Company owned tractor trailers for local pick-up and delivery

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